An English-language course on integrity training and corruption prevention was held for students-officers of the Joint Staff Officers’ Courses

For students-officers of the National Defense  University of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky (NDUU), who are currently being trained at the courses of officers of the joint staff of the operational Level (L-3), conducted a course on education of integrity and prevention of corruption.

The course is organized by BITEC of NDUU in the framework of the educational activities of the NATO program “Integrity education” with the assistance and partnership support of the British Defense Academy and the Center for Combating Corruption Norway (CIDS).

The lecturers and trainers were Ms. Jacqueline Davis, Director of the Building Integrity Program of the British Defense Academy, Ms. Leslie Pellett, Financial Management and Governance Specialist of the VI Defense Academy Program, and Lt. Col. Ian Comber, International Relations Officer of the British Defense Academy. on terrorism prevention, capacity building, quality assessment and stabilization and information operations.
Classes combined lectures and trainings, practical tasks, thanks to which students mastered the principles of integrity standards, modern legal mechanisms to reduce the risk of corruption, the introduction of effective, honest and transparent management, improving the management of human, financial and material resources and more.

In particular, Ms. Jacqueline Davis conducted a series of seminars on the application of best practices in procurement and logistics.